Curtain Walls

Aesthetic value and high performance

Using the most modern profiles in STAINLESS STEEL or ALUMINIUM, the Velletrani is able to achieve a wide variety of glass facades, with a high aesthetic value and very effective structural capacity. Thanks to reduced architectural sections (45 or 60 mm) can be made transparent facades of large steel and stainless steel (EC classification according to EN 13830) and, freely matching the profiles you can get a high customization of the building, such as angled glazing with homologation, with roof slope from 10 to 75 degrees.

It is also possible a rational and therefore costs saving design of the façade, thanks to a series of objective factors, such as: the reduced number of system components, a high coefficient of thermal insulation, which allows a considerable energy saving building, an unlimited duration in the time that excludes extraordinary maintenance activities.



The technology of vertical facades, aluminum and steel made, guarantees a number of construction parameters such as:

Straight curtain walls

  • Thermal insulation: Uf coefficient from 1.1 to 2.2 W / (m2.K) (depending of the filler thickness) in case of use of housing insulator
  • Classification of CE testing according to EN 13830
  • Air permeability according to EN 12153: AE 750
  • Resistance to driving rain according to EN 12155: R7 (600 Pa)
  • Wind load resistance according to EN 12179: 3000 Pa
  • Dynamic seal against driving rain according ENV 13050 Pmax 1125 Pa
  • Shock resistance according to EN 14019: I 5 (from the inside), and 5 (from the outside)
  • Fire resistance of building products according to EN 13501-1: Class E

Angled curtain walls

  • Thermal insulation: Uf coefficient from 1.0 to 2.2 W / (m2.K)
  • Approved under the product standard EN 13830:
  • Partition wall with high amount of water (3 l / min * m2)
  • Air permeability 1200 Pa
  • Sealing against driving rain 1200 Pa
  • Wind resistance 2400 Pa, safe load 3600 Pa
  • CSTB 3228 security test (50 kg, 2400 mm) 1200 J
  • Fire oblique glazed approved EI30 / E60
  • Fire resistance of building products according to EN 13501-1: Class E


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The company, under the leadership of Giorgio Velletrani and Mirko and Marzia, Giorgio’s son and daughter, developed, in its eighty years history, specialized and advanced processing techniques.

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