Curtain's Finishings

A new idea of building design

Thanks to the new high-tech façade cladding, you can achieve in architectural and construction sector, excellent results both in terms of aesthetics, both functionally.

Qualities that perfectly integrate the new standards of green building and communication skills building. IE cladding offer the building added value compared to the same architectural design.

The panels for cladding are synonymous of sustainable architectural quality and the highest standards of realization. They are in excellence by outstanding features, such as the absolute flatness, the wide range of finishes and colors, as well as for the extreme workability.


The ventilated façade

With the latest generation of claddings we discover the ventilated facade. Which combines aspects of an architectural culture based on high-energy efficiency, affordability, and architectural quality.

The solution rises a breathable cushion between the surface of the cover and the housing body, which offers a high coefficient of thermal insulation, imperviousness to water, endless life.

The building technique of ventilation is particularly suitable for the production of façades intended for new and existing buildings, as well as for the construction of roofs and for the interior.


High applicability

The excellent properties of claddings make possible innovative solutions in all the fields: from private home to public buildings, corporate offices and representative offices on the trade and industry - or even in the Corporate Design where they have a contribute to create the 'picture’ - whether for petrol stations, car dealers, banks or supermarkets.



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Velletrani Giorgio & FIgli

The company, under the leadership of Giorgio Velletrani and Mirko and Marzia, Giorgio’s son and daughter, developed, in its eighty years history, specialized and advanced processing techniques.

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