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The integration between the aesthetic and functional quality STAINLESS STEEL and the technologies for opening systems, sliding and partition, allow to obtain steel frames with a high technical reliability, able to offer, to the modern building, a high aesthetic and functional level, for any kind of living and working environment. The system used by Velletrani is a complete set of thermal insulation profiles for doors and windows with one or two doors and for external glazing. The basic profiles are made entirely of steel, they do not contain any synthetic insulator, very dangerous for the environment, and their structural and cellular concept allows to meet the most stringent technical and physical construction requirements.

In addition to stainless-steel the Velletrani develops a wide range of doors and windows using other valuable materials, exclusive designs and guaranteed by the impact, such as: CORTEN, BRASS, ALUMINIUM.


Technology and innovation in 62 mm

Absolutely innovative joining technique that allows the construction of steel profiles, laser welded.

Thermal insulation
These profiles reach insulation values, in line with the currently requirements, and equal to the profiles with traditional insulation.

Lightness and strength
The particular framework structure allows profiles to have extremely high static values. The low weight makes them easy to move during assembly.

Steel is fully recyclable

All system tests are compliant with the product standard prEN 14351-1 and thus meet the requirements for CE marking.



  • Materials
    Pickled steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel satin grain 220-240
  • Architectural sections
    Frame profile 30, 50, 70 and 90 (mm)
    Profiles for door from 45, 65 and 85 (mm)
    Very small architectural sections for hinged and turn/tilt windows
    Same architectural sections for the smoke and fire systems
  • Locks and fittings
    Concealed fitting systems available for doors and windows
    Hardware for tilt/turn with CE certification for leaf that weigh up to 150 kg
  • Thermal insulation
    According to DIN EN 10077-2: Uf> 1.9 W / (m2 • K)
  • Wind load resistance
    (EN 12210) Port C2 - Window C5 / B5
  • Sealing against driving rain
    (EN 12208) Porta E900 A - Window E1050
  • Air permeability (EN 12207)
    Door Class 2 – Window Class 4
  • Creativity
    The sophisticated jointing technique allows to realize very small profiles sections.
  • Burglary protection
    (EN 1627-1630) - Window WK 1-3 (additional information on request)


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Velletrani Giorgio & FIgli

The company, under the leadership of Giorgio Velletrani and Mirko and Marzia, Giorgio’s son and daughter, developed, in its eighty years history, specialized and advanced processing techniques.

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