Winter Garden

Living the outside in style

The Winter Garden is an environment with many possibilities of design and use, thanks to the large windows, it offers the incomparable ambience of a habitat in direct contact with the external environment.

The Velletrani is able to realize bespoke Winter Gardens, by the classic or modern design, manufactured with advanced technologies that allow a high degree of customization in terms of style, comfort and safety.


Technology and safety

The construction of environments for the Winter Gardens is based on the use of high quality aluminum profiles, able to guarantee high precision finishes, unique colors, maximum performance of the glass, of the transparency and, above all, of the safety.

  • Slim and thin profiles
  • High solidity and resistance
  • High quality OEM finishing
  • Excellent insulation values
  • Weather resistance


Maximum Customization

You can, on request, to choose between a wide range of special glasses with special features:

  • Sun protection glasses
  • Safety glasses starting from the P4A class
    (Burglar-resistant glass)
  • Safety glasses for horizontal glazing and roofs glazing
    (Laminated glasses)
  • Anti - noise glasses
  • Bulletproof glasses
  • Privacy protection glasses
  • Decorative glasses
  • Corners in insulating full glasses
  • Transparency controlled glasses
    (Privacy glass)



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Velletrani Giorgio & FIgli

The company, under the leadership of Giorgio Velletrani and Mirko and Marzia, Giorgio’s son and daughter, developed, in its eighty years history, specialized and advanced processing techniques.

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