Design and Certification

The Giemme System “all glass” wall is a patented system, with minimal visual impact, which adapts to any type of architecture. There are no limits horizontally, since it is a modular and completely flexible system. Even when the window is closed, from the inside the gaze can sweep to the outside without interruptions and vice versa, thanks to the fact that there are no uprights between the individual doors, but only a transparent polycarbonate gasket, which guarantees airtightness. and atmospheric agents.
The testing of GIEMME SYSTEM products ensures compliance with the regulations in force UNI EN 14351-1: air permeability, water tightness, resistance to wind load, impact resistance).

Air, water and wind tight

Handling and Special Features

When the window is open, the sudden onset of a summer storm is no longer a problem, as the door movement operations (opening and closing) can be easily carried out by one person, thanks to the practical and light sliding system. without disturbing the occupants of the room.

The doors open in a lateral package with a minimum encumbrance, making the spaces extremely flexible. The corner without uprights allows you to see the "all glass" corner when the window is closed and enjoy the corner, free from any hindrance, when the window is open. In addition, the special "curve-corner" system applied to corners without uprights means that the doors are able to overcome angles of 90 ° or greater, proving particularly useful in situations where you want to pack all the doors on only one of the two sides (perhaps at behind a wall or behind a niche).



Depending on the specific functional requirement, one of the different floor guide profiles is recommended, which in some cases may not even be inserted. All solutions are customized: according to need, the classic entrance doors with lock, handle and door closer can also be inserted in the window; you can choose the aluminum finish from an infinite range (anodized, painted, wood effect, etc.) and finally for the glass, in addition to the classic transparent, acid-etched or extra-clear glass, it is also possible to have decorated or silk-screened glass.

To use the window also as an advertising space, the application of a semi-transparent film, perhaps with your own logo or with some slogan, is ideal. The appearance of the room can thus be renewed if necessary by simply replacing the film. Even the external cleaning of windows installed on upper floors is no longer a problem thanks to the new patented system of detachable hinges, which allows you to clean the outside of the glass while remaining inside the room without having to install scaffolding.



In private homes, it represents an excellent system for terraces, verandas, balconies, porches, gazebos and winter gardens. Ideal for hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs and discos that want to take advantage of arcades, terraces or other open spaces throughout the year and from shops and shopping centers, to eliminate the barrier with the customer, between inside and outside. Used as partitions, they allow you to transform interior spaces of private homes, offices or public establishments into separate rooms in a few moments, guaranteeing privacy and sound insulation.

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