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The constant technological research and our professional skills are the common factor that allows us to operate successfully in different fields of architecture, construction, design, decoration and restoration.

Aluminum fixtures

Aluminum window frames Minimal

Iron window frames Mogs

Frames and Fire Doors

Solid Surface

Curtain Walls and Finishings

Carpentries and Safety

All glass folding windows

furniture and design

pergolas BT


The company was born in 1932, founded in Antonio Velletrani’s artisan workshop. Since then Velletrani has oriented its development on solid principles, such as: technological research, respect for the individual, market vision, seriousness and professional honesty. Factors for 80 years make up the chain of Velletrani’s value.

The company was founded in 1932, established in the craft workshop by Antonio Velletrani. Since then, Velletrani has oriented its development on solid principles, such as: continuous technological research, respect for people, market vision, seriousness and professional honesty, factors that have constituted Velletrani’s value chain for 80 years.

Custom made projects

We make our Technical Center and all our experience available to Architects, Designers and planners to support them in the stages of setting up, choosing materials, technologies and developing costs.

Innovative Technology

Our goal is to offer advanced technology to create increasingly functional and aesthetically unique solutions. A constant search for the most advanced solutions, technological on the market today, aimed at ensuring high performance, durability and beauty.

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