Alluslate® is a composite panel consisting of two outer layers of durable and moldable 3105 aluminum alloy.

The top foil is decorated using advanced printing techniques and then protected by a coating that determines the final finish: matte(Matt) or glossy (Glazed).

The core of the panel consists of a low-density thermoplastic polymer (LDPE) with a fire retardant mineral filler .

The result is a material with innovative properties. The total thickness of the panel is 4 mm

Whether your interior design requires a large covering or you want to create smaller elements such as furniture coverings or furnishings, Alluslate® offers countless solutions that provide great aesthetic value. The panels are very easy to install, with no masonry work or dust generation, and offer a wide range of colors with beautiful continuous patterns between panels, precisely cut for a perfect match. They are also very easy to clean and maintain.