Patented system

The Apexfine system features fixed frames designed to support the sash profiles, which are invisible because they are hidden behind the jambs
side and top, while the lower frame is embedded in the floor; on the latter are housed pairs of stainless steel wheels placed at a wheelbase
20 cm and supported by an aluminum profile. A lower false frame, constructed with a containment tank, allows it to accommodate
seepage water, which will then be drained to the outside. The crankcase can be inspected to allow maintenance and cleaning of the lower frame.

Product Description.

Apexfine windows and doors provide thermal insulation at the highest level. Sliding is achieved through the use of an innovative system patented by Ponzio. The sliding system is integrated into the lower frame with pairs of stainless steel wheels joined by a pin.

These, placed at a 20-cm spacing and supported by an aluminum profile, provide high load-bearing capacities and give the possibility of inserting even very heavy insulating glazing with tempered, laminated and/or low-emissivity glass.

Water tightness is provided by a lower false frame, constructed with a holding tank to accommodate seepage water that will then be drained to the outside.

Glazing can be opened manually or through a motorized system, while closures can be equipped with a fully automatic electro-mechanical system.

The system allows for the construction of two- or multi-sash windows and doors, box-type sashes, and opening corner sashes. Apexfine windows and doors represent a revolutionary architectural style that fits perfectly in any type of environment.

Finally, the different technical solutions allow the installation of Apexfine windows and doors on new construction or buildings to be renovated

Technical Characteristics
Technical Drawings