Furniture and Design
Staircases and Banisters

Exclusive artifacts and items

The Velletrani is able to create objects and decorative furnishings of the highest quality, innovative for the use of materials such as Steel, Corten, Corian ® and Krion ® unique because custom made.

The integration between the aesthetic quality and the practical functions required to the artifacts allow you to live the beauty of an exclusive design every day.


Stairs and balustrades

Projects and works with a unique style, offering a perfect balance between the strength of steel and the taste of design, giving to any kind of decor the touch of a unique product.

The stairs, made of stainless steel AISI 304 and 316, are designed to meet the multiple structural and performance requirements that integrate:

  • Ultramodern concealed fixing system
  • Wide range of end caps and finishing
  • Easy adjustment of glazed panels
  • Anchoring pins without visible screws


Claddings and glazing

New style to the ambiences
High tech and beauty cladding materials, for applications that are able to bring a high stylish value to professional and living habitats. The chromatic and creative solutions, together with the performances in term of inalterability and durability, make this a high impact and reliability product.

The glass becomes art
Glass and crystal made products for the building of glazed, high visual and architectural impact surfaces, they can be custom made produced.


Sliding and partitioning systems

Velletrani uses, for its creation, high tech steel technology, for the sliding systems building, usable, in any kind of ambience, for the motion of doors, leaf and movable partition, that integrate themselves with the most advanced partitioning systems.

Crystal and other materials movable and fixed partitions, fences and partitioning elements for small and big areas.

Fashion for Living


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Velletrani Giorgio & FIgli

The company, under the leadership of Giorgio Velletrani and Mirko and Marzia, Giorgio’s son and daughter, developed, in its eighty years history, specialized and advanced processing techniques.

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